Since  itís   inception  in   1994, M M Int'l (Bangladesh) Ltd.    has  walked a long way on the path of industrialization with a view to achieving industrial growth and success. Through professionalism and unremitting efforts, it has reached to the apex of success and is now a familiar name among the business conglomerates in Bangladesh. The full credit goes to the whole management which has always been working with a team spirit to obtain any objective, assigned by the organization. M M Int'l (Bangladesh) Ltd. boasts of itís dexterous and knowledgeable personnel from technical, financial, marketing and management discipline who are the heart of this organization. However, we firmly believe that the past glory only means past. If the past is good, we are to make the present better and future the best. This can only happen if we nurture our present pioneering spirit and fuel the flame of resolution and willpower so that we can provide our best service to the clients.It is our ingrained principle that clientís satisfaction is our top priority and hence, we always focus on the market with a business principle of continuously satisfying our clientís demand and making value to the clients. Our clientsí success can only survive and develop our organization. In fine, we can make M M Int'l (Bangladesh) Ltd. even a more successful organization if we could find out the lacking and deficiencies in success and planning the future from reality. We believe that one must welcome critical appreciation in order to learn newer things and better refinement so that one can plan works even better. We possess the same mentality and do always welcome any critical appreciation from our valuable clients. We shall always remain with our client and hope to build new reliable business relation with our prospective clients.                                                                                         M. Masud Sadeq  





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